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Iolani Palace

The only royal palace on US soil, this palace housed the royal monarchy at the time of overthrow. The palace you see today was built in three years, from 1879-1882. Truly a place worthy of royalty, the palace was equipped with the latest technology, including indoor plumbing, electricity, and a telephone. The most isolated place on Earth had a working telephone in 1882, and 179 other people on the island to call. The first subsea cable arrived in 1952. The palace is built on sacred ground; Hawaiian royalty have been buried here even before the palace existed. 

Hawaii Supreme Court

This courthouse has been the site of many controversial trials. Originally built where an orphanage once stood, there are several reports of the ghosts of children, as well as the ghosts of criminals that haunt this historic site. One of the most famous cases involves the scapegoating of immigrant locals for the assault of the grandniece of Alexander Graham Bell. The trial took place in the 1930s and remains unsolved to this day.

Kawaiaha'o Church

This church is the first Christian church built in Hawaii. Built in 1842, Kawaiaha’o church is known as the “Westminster Abbey of the Pacific.” The building and grounds were named a national historic landmark in 1962. The graveyard of the Kawaiaha’o church is where Hawaii’s legendary beast lurks, as well as the home of many unmarked graves.